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Cosmetic and Adult Restorative Dentistry by Dr. Phillippe Freeman

One of Dr. Freeman's core beliefs is that the best dentistry is the dentistry that is the most minimally invasive in order to correct the problem at hand. When asked what his preferred method or technique is for a given procedure, the answer will almost always be "it depends." Conservative approaches are often not practiced in today´s dental profession. Depending on the problem, sometimes certain materials are a better solution for the given situation than others. Dr. Freeman takes the time to explain your options rather than dictating what material or technique you need. An educated patient is always happy with the choices they help make when it comes to their dental care. We have many patients opting for more conservative "partial crown" porcelain or gold restorations rather than traditional full crowns. These more conservative crowns can be bonded "inside" the tooth rather than covering the entire tooth. In any economic climate, these restorations preserve your teeth rather than chopping them down into little stumps. These conservative techniques can last longer than any other technique available in dentistry, making gold or porcelain inlays and onlays a better long term
value and more conservative and less problematic later in life.

All the other materials utilized in Dr. Freeman's practice are tooth colored filling materials or porcelain restorations that mimic natural tooth color and form.